Sensor Degradation Detection
Sea-Air-Space 2022

4-6 April 2022, National Harbor, Maryland

   GMATEKís president, Dr. R. Glenn Wright, will give a presentation at the Navy Forum for
   SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy SST) describing our work in the area of sensor degradation detection
   in unmanned underwater and surface vehicles (UUV/USV). The Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space
   Exposition brings the U.S. defense industrial base, private-sector U.S. companies and key military
   decision-makers from the sea services together for this annual innovative, educational,
   professional event.


Sensors - The Weak Link in Automating Navigation Systems
Presented by Dr. R. Glenn Wright

Vessel Optimization Webinar Week
How AI is Automating Navigation Sytems
Wednesday 26 January 2022, 09:00-09:45 GMT

Link to Webinar Information

   Dr. R. Glenn Wright will take part in a panel discussion on how Artificial Intelligence mimics
   human capacity for observing, understanding and decision-making. AI is expected to play
   a major role in current and future maritime operations, especially autonomous navigation
   systems. The phenomena of Sensor Degradation is described as a vastly overlooked
   problem for both conventional and automated navigation systems that must be solved for
   large-scale automation of vessel navigation system functions to be ultimately successful.


Enhanced MASS Situational Awareness using Virtual Navigation Aids

Second International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (ICMASS 2019)
Trondheim, Norway
November 2019

   Dr. R. Glenn Wright presented GMATEK’s research findings regarding new technology to enhance
   the situational awareness of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) by providing greater
   positional certainty and insight into physical environmental conditions and changes in the
   environment as a means to increase safety of navigation beyond that possible using existing
   navigation methods and technologies. Increased safety of navigation for conventional maritime
   surface ships can also be achieved through the adoption of this new technology.


Intelligent Autonomous Ship Navigation using Multi-Sensor Modalities

13th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
Gdynia, Poland
June 2019

   Dr. R. Glenn Wright published and presented a paper describing the use of machine learning and
   deep-learning artificial intelligence techniques as a means to integrate multiple sensor modalities
   resulting in a cohesive approach to navigation for autonomous ships. The Conference is
   addressed to scientists and professionals to share their expert knowledge, experience and
   research results concerning all aspects of navigation, safety of navigation and sea transportation.


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