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GMATEK, Inc., began operations in June 2007 and we established our corporate headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.

Our research efforts are ongoing, and we are continuing work on our product and service offerings.

Timeline of Significant Events...

June 2007: GMATEK, Inc., organized and commenced business operations, with our corporate headquarters located in Annapolis, Maryland.

February 2008: GMATEK, Inc., and GMA Industries, Inc., sign license agreements for product development, marketing and distribution of navigation and satellite communications technology.

September 2008: GMATEK, Inc., wins contract with US Army Research Office for development of specialty antennas and sensors for time resolved terahertz (THz) frequency range measurements of orthogonal electric field polarizations based on ultrafast optical triggering of photoconductive Auston switches.

September 2008: GMATEK, Inc., partners with Johns Hopkins University for time domain spectroscopy services.

July 2009: GMATEK, Inc., initiates development and commercialization of head-up display technology for ship navigation as a follow-on to previous National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored work.

August 2009: GMATEK, Inc., expands antenna research and development to UHF/SHF range low visibility, low profile, high gain configurations.

December 2009 - GMATEK, Inc., provides services for the design, installation, test, operation, and maintenance of land, aircraft and ship MF, HF, VHF satellite communications; RADAR, and navigation equipment.

March 2010 - GMATEK, Inc., services expand to include operation and ship-board maintenance of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipment.

December 2010 - GMATEK, Inc., receives commercial contract for the development of experimental probe designs used in wireless data communication using near-field electromagnetic emissions.

March 2011 - GMATEK, Inc., delivers initial near-field probe prototype hardware and software. Production deliveries are scheduled to begin in the Fall 2011.



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